Which Glove Size Do You Need?

The saying ‘one size fits all’ is far from the truth for Muay Thai gloves. Choosing the right size of boxing gloves is important in Muay Thai training as it can affect the level of protection and comfort for the boxer.

In sum, different size gloves are needed for different aspects of training. No matter if you're beginner or pro. It's always recommended to have multiple sized gloves on you, so you're ready for any occassion. Here are some general guidelines for choosing the appropriate size of gloves for different types of Muay Thai training:

Bag work and pad work: When training on a heavy bag or pads, 10 oz to 12 oz is recommended since you can unleash your full speed. However, for beginners that are trying to correct their form and technique, 14 oz to 16 oz is also acceptable. Injuring your hands on the bag due to poor form, is no joke – and can have you out of commission for weeks (or even months)!

Sparring: When sparring, it is important to use gloves that have enough padding to protect both the boxer and their training partner. 16 oz is usually recommended for sparring, especially since many gyms worldwide have 16 oz gloves as a requirement to spar. 18 oz is recommended for heavy sparring. 

Competition: In competition, the size of the gloves is determined by the weight class of the boxers. However, 8 oz to 10 oz is the usual glove size required for competition.

It is important to note that these are all just general guidelines, and the size of the gloves one uses will depend on their personal preference, hand size, and level of experience.

Our 2 Cents: The choice of gloves also depends on your body weight. In a general sense, 10 oz to 14 oz are the acceptable norm for most training purposes. However, for those more on the heavyweight scale, a heavier 16 oz to 18 oz should be considered. 

If you’re unsure – it’s recommended to ask your coach, or even send us a message and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction for your specific situation.

In sum, Muay Thai gloves are a whole entire can of worms in itself. Coming in different designs, materials, and sizes, it’s recommended to really do your research before settling for a new pair of gloves. We hope this article has helped you feel more comfortable when shopping for gloves – and we hope you browse our INFIGHTSTYLE gloves to find a pair you’ll fall in love with!