Movement Martial Arts has been established in the Sydney Muay Thai scene since 2016. Despite offering MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai Classes, they are still proficient in their Muay Thai offerings. Many MMA gyms are infamous for having lower quality Muay Thai classes, and a heavier focus on the other disciplines - this is not one of these gyms.

Movement Martial Arts boasts a roster of MMA fighters, BJJ champions, and Muay Thai fighters, so you can be rest assured that your Muay Thai training quality is top notch. 

The gym was started by 3 best mates, Andrew, Billy, and Wade. All of whom are certified coaches with black belts in BJJ and hold multiple State, National and World Championships.

Why we love Movement Martial Arts?

If you're located around Sydney's North West, the location is perfect and easy to find on Macquarie/North Ryde's main road. The best part is the great timetable for those of us juggling a busy work-life balance, or even those of us who prefer to avoid peak hour traffic.

They offer 12pm classes for both BJJ and Muay Thai, and the same for 8pm start classes. In addition to the usual 6pm and 7pm classes.

With the convenience of location, class times, and solid Muay Thai coaching, we recommend you give Movement Martial Arts a go! Contact them for your one week free trial.






Location: Building 3/35 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113, Australia