Lace Up VS Velcro Gloves: Which is Right for You?

We are often asked on which Muay Thai gloves are better - lace up gloves or velcro gloves? The answer, as per usual, depends on your own personal preferences and training demands.

We've written up a quick article summarising the main differences between the two.

Lace Up vs Velcro Gloves

Better Fit: Lace-up leather gloves provide a customisable fit that can be adjusted to the boxer's hand and wrist size.

More Secure: Lace-up gloves are generally more secure than velcro gloves, as they provide a tighter, more stable fit that can prevent the gloves from slipping or shifting during use.

Traditional Look: Lace-up leather gloves have a classic, old-school look that many prefer over the more modern appearance of velcro gloves. For some, the process of lacing up gloves is a meditative ritual.

Better Weight Distribution: Lace-up gloves distribute the weight of the gloves more evenly across the entire hand and wrist, which can reduce the risk of injury and fatigue during long training sessions.

Required in Some Competitions: In some amateur and professional competitions, lace-up gloves may be required. This is because they offer a more secure and customised fit, and are less likely to come undone or be adjusted during the fight.

Clinch Work: Lace Ups are generally used in clinching as they don't have velcro. Velcro in gloves can scratch fighters around and near the neck area, as they clinch.

There are also some potential downsides to using lace-up leather gloves. The most obvious being that they can be difficult and time-consuming to put on and take off, and may require the assistance of a coach or teammate.

They are not convenient for those who frequently train alone or who need to quickly switch between different weight gloves during a training session.

Ultimately, the choice between lace-up and velcro gloves depends on one’s personal preference and training needs. At INFIGHTSTYLE, we offer both classic leather lace-up gloves, as well as velcro leather gloves, and velcro semi-leather gloves. Follow these links if you need help finding the right glove size or the right material for your gloves.