39 Easy Combos to Practice on Thai Pads

This article will go over 5 different sets of combos from 5 different respected YouTube coaches that can set you up for your own Muay Thai journey. All up they add up to 39 combos! Realistically, you'll only want to drill a handful of these combos again and again - but integrate the best combos that suit your style and skillset the best.

A couple of them will be boxing only combos, and not all of them will have the coach demonstrating them on the Thai pads. But if you add in a little bit of your own creativity – you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate these into your padwork routine. Check them out!

Tony Jeffries is a bronze medal-winning Olympic boxer for Team Great Britain. Unfortunately his career was cut short due to injuries, but he has taken the boxing social media scene on notice over the past few years due to his easy-to-digest content that even beginners can use.

Coach Anthony is a pro’s pro for boxing. He has been the coach for 9 world championship fights, trained Olympic medalists, National Boxing Champions, UFC & Bellator fighters, and runs a stable of up-and-coming world title contenders.

He’s got a huge library of content that beginners can use, but even a lot of tips and tricks for intermediate and advanced boxers.

Sean Fagan, the founder of Muay Thai Guy, is a pro Muay Thai fighter, that has gained his fame over the last decade by curating content that helps others follow their dreams of fighting in Thailand. Not only does he provide great content you can apply for your Muay Thai training, but also provides you with guides and reviews on different Thailand fight camps.

Gabriel Varga is a 6x Kickboxing World Champion, having won titles in both Bellator and Glory Kickboxing. Despite that, he’s a friendly Canadian YouTube coach that helps beginners to pros correct their flaws and fall in love with the sport.

Shane Fazen, under fightTIPS is a classic Fighting YouTuber, who is now even sponsored by ONE Championship. Every beginner boxer or martial artist has come across his videos before, and his content still hasn’t fallen off in terms of quality.

In this video, he goes over Rodtang’s favourite combos that you can learn for yourself. Personally having the pleasure of watching Rodtang fight live - you’ll fall in love with his style instantly.

I hope these handful of coaches will put you on a great start to do your own exploration on your Muay Thai journey. After all, it is no one else’s journey but your own. And I wish you the best in your training and achieving your Muay Thai dreams. But keep in mind – nothing comes without the hard work. So get to training and hit those pads!