INFIGHTSTYLE: The Gold Standard in Unisex Shorts

Over the past few decades, Muay Thai has exploded in popularity with females across the globe. A combat sport long associated with boys, has become a challenging hobby & even a career for many girls too! Just check out INFIGHTSTYLE's sponsored Allycia Rodrgiues (Araujo) who just won her recent ONEFC World Championship.

Due to this recent phenomenon, an issue has surfaced from the use of traditional cut of shorts. Many female fighters have difficulty finding good fitting Muay Thai shorts, since the traditional design was not made to cater towards the female body.

However, with INFIGHTSTYLE’s modern unisex Muay Thai shorts, the notion of ‘Never been able to find Muay Thai shorts that fit nicely’ – is no longer.

One of the main reasons why women have difficulty finding good fitting Muay Thai shorts is the lack of options available in the market. Many manufacturers only produce a limited range of sizes and styles, which may not cater to the diverse body types and preferences of female fighters.

As a result, women may have to settle for shorts that do not fit well or feel comfortable, which can affect their performance in training and competition.

Another reason why women struggle to find good fitting Muay Thai shorts is the design and construction of the shorts themselves. Many Muay Thai shorts are designed for men specifically, with a looser and baggier fit that may not be suitable for women.

Usually, girls have to roll up their shorts to make them fit on their bodies – but all this does is make the shorts flare up even more!

Women’s bodies are shaped differently from men's, which can make it challenging to find shorts that fit well. Women tend to have wider hips, smaller waists, and shorter inseams than men, which usually means traditional Muay Thai shorts are too wide, or too long and don’t fit nicely or comfortably along a girl’s waist.

Furthermore, cultural expectations around femininity can also impact the availability and design of Muay Thai shorts for women. Traditional Muay Thai shorts that are made specifically for women often feature floral patterns and pastel colours, which may not appeal to all female fighters and in fact, these designs have actually been a hit with guys in recent times.

Some women may prefer a more neutral or edgier design that better reflects their personality and style. However, these types of shorts may be less common in the market, making it difficult for women to find shorts that fit their preferences.

This is why time and time again, we hear nothing but praise from the ladies who have fallen in love with our shorts.  

Modern. Unisex. Less waist rows. Better material. Different designs. We’ve heard only praise from girls that have tried our shorts. They’ve tried the shorts of all the big name Thai brands and have never been able to find a perfect fit until they found INFIGHTSTYLE. Explore our range today and find your perfect fit!

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