Johan Ghazali's Upcoming Bout in ONE Championship | INFIGHTSTYLE

Johan Ghazali's Upcoming Bout in ONE Championship | INFIGHTSTYLE

Johan Ghazali Gears Up for a Pivotal Fight in ONE Championship

INFIGHTSTYLE's star athlete, Johan Ghazali, is set to shine once again in the world of Muay Thai. This weekend in ONE Fight Night 17, he faces Edgar Tabares in a highly anticipated flyweight Muay Thai fight at Lumpinee Stadium.

A New Dawn at Lumpinee Stadium

Lumpinee Stadium, the iconic venue for martial arts, serves as a battleground where fighters like Ghazali prove their worth. This weekend's event marks a shift for Ghazali, moving from his usual Friday night fights to a Saturday morning showdown, broadcasted live on Amazon Prime. Check out the gear that champions like Ghazali choose.

Johan ready for battle One Fight Night 17

Setting Sights on Victory and Beyond

The stakes are high as Ghazali eyes not just another win, but also the attractive US$50,000 bonus. Known for his quick knockouts, including a remarkable 16-second KO, he's a fighter who combines speed with strategic brilliance.

His opponent, Edgar Tabares, despite facing setbacks in previous bouts, including one against Rodtang Jitmuangnon, brings a unique challenge to the ring. Ghazali, while confident, is not underestimating his adversary, understanding the high caliber of fighters in ONE Championship.

A Diverse Showcase of Muay Thai Talent

Unique to this event, ONE Fight Night 17 will exclusively feature Muay Thai bouts. This highlights the growing popularity and focus on the sport within the organization. Ghazali, a prominent figure in this rise, eagerly embraces the three-round smaller glove format that has been attracting fans worldwide.

INFIGHTSTYLE: Supporting Champions

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