Allycia Rodrigues


Allycia Hellen Rodrigues


115 LBS / 52.2 KG

5'3" FT / 161 CM

Phuket Fight Club



Allycia was born and raised in Caucaia, Brazil. Her current record as of July 2023, is 32-5. She's the current reigning ONE Women's Atomweight Muay Thai World Champion.

From a young age, she always played sports like soccer/football, capoeira, swimming, and handball. Becoming a professional athlete had always been a goal of hers, as her father was a professional soccer player and had always encouraged her pursuit in sports.

For most of her childhood, it was her obsession with becoming a professional soccer player that was on her mind. Until she followed her sister to a Muay Thai class at 13 years of age - and had fallen in love.

By the age of 20, her homeland could not provide the level of competition or fights for Muay Thai. Triggering her to take the gamble and fly over to Thailand to go all-in on her Muay Thai career. And the rest is history..

Notable Fights

Allycia Rodrigues def. Stamp Fairtex (MD)


Allycia Rodrigues def. Janet Todd (UD)


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