Belly Pads: Correct Wear Guide

This article is for both guys and girls of all shapes and sizes. Yes, of course guys need to worry about being hit in the family jewels, but incorrect wear of a belly pad can lead to unnecessary injury for both guys and girls alike. Just reading this article once, will ensure you’re getting the benefits of belly pad training and being absolutely safe doing so.

Secure the Straps

The first step in wearing belly pads is to secure the straps. Most belly pads have two straps that go around the back and are secured with velcro. Make sure that these straps are tight enough to hold the pad in place but not so tight that they restrict your movement.

What most people do – secure the straps around your belly and then spin it around after.

If you’re having difficulty putting on the straps (especially for us bigger boys) don’t be afraid to ask your partner to help you tighten it up.

If in between your rounds, it’s become loose and you need to tighten it up again – do it. No point trying to be a tough guy. Safety first always. Make sure its secure before you move on. Even the harshest of trainers, understand this and will give you assistance in getting your belly pad secured before moving forward. So don’t be embarrassed or think you’re holding up the class.

Position the Pad

Once the straps are secured, it is important to position the pad correctly. The pad should sit just above your belly button and cover your lower ribs. This will provide adequate protection for your vital organs (like your liver) while allowing your partner to practice body shots like the infamous liver shot. Or even just a regular old teep. Here’s a few different combos you could try out.



Make sure that the pad is centred and does not move around when you are practicing. For the dudes: Really make sure the pad is positioned and secured correctly. You want to avoid getting any accidental ‘low blow’ strikes at all costs. With the huge momentum most strikes are coming with, even just a mere graze is enough to have you needing a timeout. Or worse, a strike of significance can lead to potential lifelong injuries. Trust me – You don’t want to learn the hard way.

Always double & triple check your pad is secure and positioned correctly. And even communicate with your partner if one of their strikes was a bit shy of being ‘too low’.

Check for Wear and Tear

Over time, belly pads can become worn and lose their effectiveness. It is important to regularly check your belly pads for wear and tear and replace them when necessary. This will ensure that you are getting the best protection and training experience possible. The last thing you want is to wear a broken-down belly pad, especially when taking some strikes from a heavyweight.

We hope these quick few tips will help put your mind at ease when wearing a belly pad. Keeping these tips at the back of your mind will ensure you’re avoiding any unnecessary injury in the future whilst getting maximum value out your training. Make sure to check out our belly pads to take your training to another level.